Guy Harris – Santa Voice

Are you looking for a Santa voice for your next TV, Radio commercial or Event? Welcome to SantaGuy. The UK’s busiest and award winning voice of Santa, Guy Harris. The official Santa voice for BBC Radio 1 and 1-Xtra. The Santa voice for the Heart Network, as well as numerous other UK and global radio stations for festive imaging and Live Calls.

On the Santa voice website you’ll find audio demos – and lots of free stuff too. Well, it is Christmas! Head to our Apps section and download the No.1 Santa Voicemail App for iPhone & iPad. Or grab FREE Santa Ringtones or Text Alerts. Why not tune in to the best Christmas Radio on the internet? Santa Radio

How do you book Santa? It’s really quite simple, just head over to the contact page. Either order a Santa message, or get in touch and let us know how we can add the voice of Santa to your production.

As a special treat for your little one, book one of our LIVE Santa Calls. Let us know some details, get in touch with us and we’ll explain how it works. It’s a magical experience not to be missed!

Have a listen…

Santa Voice of Santa

Santa Voice

Santa Voice of Santa

Santa Radio

Santa-RadioThe No.1 app for Christmas, Santa Radio, In the Air ~ On the Air

Broadcasting straight out of the North Pole… Santa is on air 24/7.

Over 400+ Christmas songs and hosted by Santa himself. Features include Bing Crosby, Michael Buble and Rat Pack specials plus celebrity appearances.

Your favourite christmas and holiday songs interruption free. (apart from Santa)


Click to hear the LIVE stream now…

Sleeps til Santa

Sleeps til Santa-IconFor years this song was performed by radio and loved by parents and children a like. 

Santa sings the song and you or your children can join in with the lyrics.

“x more sleeps til the big fat fella comes down you chimney and gives you presents and drinks your beer… x more sleeps til Santa.”

As it gets closer to Christmas the song changes to reflect how many sleeps are left til Santa.

Download the app

Sleeps til Santa countdown

2016/12/25 00:00:00

Santa Voicemail

Santa-Voicemail-appSanta Voicemail is now the UK’s No.1 Free App to allow your little ones to leave a voicemail for Santa. (with a little santa magic)

Call Santa’s mobile or workshop. Hear Santa’s recorded message and it’s up to you to decide how long to let your children leave their message. Simply hang up the call to hear Santa sign off. (nothing is actually recorded)

FREE Ringtones and FREE Text Alerts. (instructions how to save on the app)

Why not also Text Santa? Yes, have a chat with Santa straight from the app. Be nice though.

Download the app

Just ask Santa

Just-Ask-Santa-appGot a question? Something you’ve always needed an answer to? Well, Just Ask Santa. A festive alternative to the Magic 8 Ball.

Ask your question and press Rudolph’s nose for the answer.

Will it snow this year? Am I on the naughty list Santa? Will your reindeer make a mess of my front lawn? Ask anything and get your answer.

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Santa Text

Santa Text Icon

Yes you can now Text Father Christmas.

Have a good old chat with the most famous man in the North Pole. He will ask you a bunch of questions and you can answer for a response.

Remember to be nice or you’ll be told off.

Also look out for the Santa code words on Twitter and Facebook

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Santa Hotline

Santa Hotline LogoEver needed to call Santa to report good or bad behaviour?

For parents only, Santa is now just a click away.

He will listen to what you have to say, agreeing as you talk, then sum up what he’s heard and make a note.

Mums & Dads, have a practice first to perfect the magic and secretly tap the screen during the call to prompt Santa to end it early.

Download the app

Santa Dash

Santa Dash App LogoThe festive version of the popular Guy Phone App.
You are little Santa. As he runs over the rooftops, collect the mince pies and see how far you can go.

Avoid the chimney pots, the ice and snowmen. A simple game but very addictive

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Santa Messages

Santa Messages Web IconPersonal messages for you and your children.

A selection of fun FREE messages from Santa. You can also schedule a call to treat your children to a surprise message from Santa.
“Santa said he would call with a message in a moment”
“Yes” ‘ring ring’

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