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Santa Guy is the voice of Santa on Santa Radio

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Santa Guy is the voice of Santa on Santa Radio

Santa Radio is available and streaming on all mobile devices including Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Download for your Android or Amazon device too. It also looks and sounds incredible on Apple’s new Apple TV. In conjunction with TuneIn you can find us easily on SONOS. Just search Santa Radio and click stations. Christmas music has never sounded so good.

Santa Radio Santa Radio was created when Santa decided to launch his own Christmas Radio Station. Gathering the Elves they knocked up a studio at the back of the workshop. Santa decided it was time for a fresh approach to Christmas Radio. The standard offerings have a good selection of Christmas music but none really bring the fun and excitment of Christmas at the same time. Mrs Christmas was never impressed so pushed Santa into starting his own.

Time for the main man himself to step in and quite literally take the reigns. We believe you just found the most fun Christmas Radio station on the internet. Christmas Radio Santa is now your DJ, in the air and on the air playing all the songs you love and rare great songs time forgot. Mixed with celebrity endorsements, and celebrity chats it’s the complete Christmas radio package. We hope you enjoy listening in the run up to Christmas. But fear not, Santa Radio will run every day, 365 days a year. New for 2018 we’ve added Santa Mug Shors to the website. Celebrities pictured with our Santa Aradio Mug We have Stickers for iOS 12 and we’ve added a recording feature to the app so you can send audio messages.

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